photo of Erik McManus

Erik McManus

Web Developer

At 6-foot-6, Erik is the starting centre on Sofa’s fantasy basketball squad. In real life he uses his reach to make websites that let our clients stand tall in the online world. He’s earned 2 diplomas; one in Mobile App Development and another in Graphic Design.

Originally from Pembroke, Ontario, he’s worked at a signage service with nationwide exposure where he learned about interior and exterior signage, as well as emerging digital signage trends. He also created interactive training courses for a national nuclear laboratory, but he says that’s not what made him so tall. In North Bay, he did web and technical work for a company that is a world leader in Photo-analysis and Fragmentation Analysis, which sounds pretty complicated.

On the personal side of things, Erik’s worked as lifeguard, has a vast knowledge of virtually every superhero, and a comic collection to match. When not trying to crack the latest escape room, he and his friends frequent the local trivia nights to show off their vast knowledge of useless facts. He’s also on Twitter and Instagram.