photo of Ben Dick

Ben Dick

Web Developer

What started out as selling and trading action figures over the Internet, Ben's passion for all things technological led him through Canadore College's Television and Video Production program and post diploma Interactive Multimedia course.

His business sense has also stuck with him, completing the NECO Young Entrepreneur program, enhancing Ben's business management skills. This fusion of tech and business prowess shines every time he comes to the table for our partners.

Ben loves being a geek, specifically a gadget geek. His house is well connected and automated. His growing list of Internet devices include: front doorbell, bedroom curtians, thermostat, mailbox notifier, custom made door lock, light switches, morning caffeine machine, automated can counter chute, wrist watch, baby monitor, and television.

Information and the presentation of information, whether musically or visually, will always have Ben captivated. If he's not at a computer, then he's spending time with his son Miller, playing bass in his band Awesome!, reading tech news, or keeping up with his Twitter feed.