Where to start with Search Engine Optimization

Where to start with Search Engine Optimization

SEO tactics and practices will always need to adapt and change over time. Otherwise, we’d all be ranked number one and no one would ever jump ahead of us.

But for those unsure where to start, here are some quick tips from the web-heads at Sofa.

The Scrabble letters of S E and O

  1. Words matter. Without sounding too technical, what we’re talking about here is “Titles” and “Meta-Descriptions.” If you know these terms, you’re ahead of the game. If not, we’ll try to explain them in simple terms. For example, the next time you type in a search term in your search engine (most likely Google), look at the actual first words (the title) and the short sentences (the descriptions) that come after them. The title is the large blue-colored words that show up for every listing that comes up on Google…the description is the grey sentence or wording that appears under that title. Writing these in a very concise form (limited display space is available) can be an art form. Get help from someone who can assist you with words that matter.
  2. Get Listed. You’ll want to get listed with online business directories and citations. The more places your business or organization is listed, the more ways there are for engines like Google to find you and list you for the end user to see. This can be tough to do on your own, and that’s why folks like us are there to assist in auditing your current website, or using listings to promote a new website.
  3. Find what HURTS your SEO. Or find experts who know the difference. Just as there are things that will help, there are things that will harm your results when people search. The best of intentions and the best laid plans can end up dropping you in rankings. We recently helped a business that for style reasons had removed important components of their home page. While they liked what they saw visually, within a month or two they noticed their site was no longer as easy to find. We helped fix the problem….but it could have been avoided in the first place if they’d checked with someone with SEO skills.

These technical terms can be overwhelming for some people…that’s why we try to provide “comfortable communications,” to take care of things so you can focus on your business.