Web Design Explained – What Makes A Good Website!

Web Design Explained – What Makes A Good Website!

In order to have a nice looking website, you (or your designer) have to consider a couple of different things when creating a design. The layout of your website is very important because it will dictate how the user flows through it and interacts with it.

When we build websites here at Sofa Communications, we always build a mockup of a design first before we get down to developing it. Our websites will have a header section, a hero section, a main section, and a footer section. Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these areas to help you better understand what goes there!

Header Section

This is the area at the very top of your website that the user will see right away as the webpage loads. Usually, the best practice is to have your logo here as well as social media links or a search bar. This area would also be where you put your main navigation for the website: the menu!

Example (Used from nufa.ca):

Hero Section

This is the attentiongrabbing area! It usually will be across the viewport (browser window) and will rotate through images with captions on them. You can link to different areas of your website or put the most important messages here that you need to get across to your users. You could think of it as your “Call to Action” area.

Example (Used from bathplanetoftoronto.ca):

Main Section

This would be the meat and potatoes of your website. All of the pertinent information regarding your services and knowledge of your company would go here. A common thing to do is have what we call “Power Buttons”, which is your area that people go to when they know what they want. And if they don’t know, this area will direct them in the right direction to where they want to be on your website (or where you want them to be).

Example (Used in northbayfoodbank.ca):

Footer Section

This area will contain your contact information and can have another menu so that the user can still get to anywhere on the website without having to scroll back up to the top. It is like the bottom half of a sandwich. It encloses all the contents into one solid block of information that is your website. Most people disclaim their ownership and copyright claims of their website here as well.

Example (Used on Ecotrex.ca):

And those are the basics for a website layout. Not all websites need to look like this; it is just a standard kind of layout we go by when coming up with a design. But each site is unique in itself and will give you a different impression with new blends of colours and imagery. It is really based on what the client wants when you have a creative brief meeting with them to understand better what they envision for their website.

Need help coming up with a website design? Let us do it for you! Come on into our office or give us a call to set up a meeting, and we can help make your dream website into a reality.