Promotional Products and Why your Business Needs Them

Promotional Products and Why your Business Needs Them

There is a benefit to businesses in having their brand displaying in as many places as possible. This is why promotional products are important. This increases reach and can be a part of an effective advertising campaign. Getting your potential clients to use everyday items that holds your logo is a powerful means of installing brand recognition into a consumer’s everyday life. 

 Swag is better known as “promotional materials”, which are items with your brand or logo on it.  They range from everyday items such the classic pen or magnet, to niche items like chairs, or stuffed animals. All of them with your logo designed onto the product. The limit is endless for the variety of products Swag can take form in. gives an in depth look into what popular products can be made. 

There are many different uses for promotional materials: items to be given away at trade shows to potential clients, prizes to be won at your business’ launch party, and an extra thank you to a client. Being creative with promotional materials allows for excitement to be built over your Swag. Making the items more valuable to your clients eyes, thus adding value to your company. 

promotional products

The low amount of investment of these promotional products will in turn give a return on investment in the long run. Other forms of advertising has an expiration date, such as social media marketing that tends to get lost in the noise. Promotional items are lasting longer than some entire ad-campaigns. With the physical interactiveness of many of the products, the user will be able to be reminded of your business every time the item is used. An item we recommend that has longevity? A reusable water bottle with your brand on it! Kept on office desks and in classrooms, the everyday item leads to exponential reach.

It also gives a customer easy access to your contact information, so they won’t have to go searching when they want to get ahold of you.

A common question we get is how many of each item do you have to order. All orders have a minimum requirement to order, and this is based on what the product is. Once we know what the nature of the product you want, we work a deal out with a supplier to find the optimal price for you. Since the industry is quantity based, the more items needed lowers the cost per unit. Also, take into account the colours used in your logo. The more colours you need on a promotional item, the higher the cost. We suggest choosing one colour that best represents your logo to put on some items. This will be the most cost effective for you while still attracting attention to your business.

Sofa Communications is leading the way for promotional materials and works with a multitude of suppliers in order to provide our clients with the best items at the best cost. To see the wide range of offers we have, check out Contacting us via Email or by phone is the best way to find out more information, and setting up your journey to receiving promotional materials for your business.