Is Social Media Worth It?

Is Social Media Worth It?

Are you using social media for business? Better yet, are you using it effectively?

If you are, skip this blog. if you are one of the businesses that either isn’t using it, or doesn’t truly understand HOW to use social media, we may have a few tips that can help you get an understanding of things.

Really, most business SHOULD be using social media. It can be as essential as having a telephone in the 1980’s, or a website and email in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

But some people find it increasingly negative, and for others it looks like simply a trivial time waster. It’s say to frown on the negativity or “trolling” that can be found on some social media posts and comments. And bewildering to see someone wasting away days or hours at a time looking what someone had for lunch.

Some businesses are wondering if they should abandon their social media, others are wondering if they should get started at all.

Here’s our answer to that: we always remind them not to blame the “medium” for the “message.” In other words don’t blame the tool for how it is used. People have gossiped on telephones, lied on telephones, and been rude on telephones. But we didn’t blame the phones. In fact, logic tells us that people did a lot of good, they made sales, and they accomplished things in conversations on the telephone. That’s our theory on social media…find ways to use the platform effectively and the avoid the negative or time wasting parts of it whenever you can.

We’re here to help you decide how you can use social media to connect with your audience. We’ll help you figure out what platform to use for what. It can be confusing to decide on facebook versus twitter versus instagram versus linkedin…the list goes on and on. But don’t worry, we can guide you. In fact, in upcoming blogs we’ll touch on a few more key basics to think about. Visit again for more.