How to up your social media game!

How to up your social media game!

Social media is very important for your business. It is how we engage with our customer base. So it is crucial to be on different social media channels to be able to compete with your competitors (if you are a business) and get the attention you deserve.

Now each social media channel is different and should be given a strategy that applies to each medium. The three top social media accounts that you should have and give specific attention to are:

*Extra points if you can manage to run a Snapchat account as well. This is very popular with the under 25 population.

Another great thing to do is post consistently to your profiles. This engages your audience and enables you to interact with them. If you have the time, create and post your updates on your own. If you have the time to prepare and plan for your social media you can also use some paid services to schedule your various posts ahead of time.

Some of these options are:

Some people or businesses simply do not have the time, ability, or manpower to handle their own social media. These people often know they could be connecting with potential clients, they just never seem to find the time to be able to handle it consistently. That’s where an agency like Sofa Communications can help you. Feel free to contact us anytime if you’re one of the many, many people who prefer to get expert help.

But, let’s say you DO want to handle your own social media. One thing to consider is to avoid posting nothing but sales and products constantly. That can get boring and repetitive. You should make it engaging, or in other words, “social”!

Consider posting fun/relevant content. People are more likely to follow an account that posts often and has information that will entertain them, or they will find useful. The most popular form of content that will gain/achieve engagement is photos. People are more likely to interact with something that tells a visual story.

Essentially, you should give people a reason to follow you from a social standpoint. Show your staff, show some photos of happy clients or a photo of your employees taking part in a fundraiser.  Then you can also work in business aspects, and make it engaging. Some ways you can do that is to give them deals on products you sell, advertise that you release promo codes for discounts on your social media, give support to customers who need it when they reach out to you, and hold giveaways/contests to build a user base.

A book blogger named Breakeven Books runs a lot of giveaways to gain followers and interact with the book lover community on all platforms. This builds a following for them and has people coming back for more because then they will have more chances to win free books. Below is an example of one of their posts. Another example here in North Bay is Northern Honda. They make a lot of social posts that highlight their promotions that they are currently running and it really helps with community engagement.

Keywords are very important when creating your social media posts. You need to do your research on what people are looking for on the internet. One tip is to track what social media topics are currently trending with the target audience. Then create a post based on this trending topic to get in with what is popular at the moment. That could be as a photo post, blog post, infographic etc.

Those are just some tips for upping your social media game. We have some other blog posts coming out soon that will be about website accessibility, website design, Instagram tips, and promotional products for your business so stay tuned!