How To Make A Good Logo!

How To Make A Good Logo!

A welldesigned logo will help your business thrive in a world full of designs. Your logo needs to stand out and be noticed. It needs to be simple yet elegant. It needs to be memorable and versatile. And most important of all, it needs to get the message across to your customer.

It is very important for a designer to follow some basic guidelines to come up with a nice logo design for their clients.

Our process starts with meeting the client and creating a design brief. Essentially, the customer will tell us about their business and what it is they do. We will take notes to refer to later when we are brainstorming concepts for the logo. Learning about the business is a great way to spark that creative engine in our designer brains to start churning through ideas on what your logo could look like.

The next step is for us to do some research on the industry that you work in and learn more about your competitors. We want to help create a logo design for you that stands out and puts you on top in your industry while giving your business a very professional appearance.

Our designers will then come up with some design concepts that they think will best represent your brand. We have multiple designers come up with concepts so that there is inspiration coming from all directions. We want to make sure your logo design gets the attention and your money’s worth put into the design of it.

Then we will meet with our team and go over the concepts that were created by our designers. This is called the “elimination round” as we narrow it down to around 5 designs to show the client. This is done so that we don’t overwhelm the customer with a multitude of designs to choose from.

After we have revised them as a team, we will present the best options to the client. We will give reasoning behind the different styles for each logo and let the customer decide which one they like the most. The decision always stays with you as the client. It is your business, and you get to choose what you like the best. We also allow for a round of revisions if you do not like the first options.

If you choose a logo, we will give you the finalized files and then present them to you in a brand package/media kit. This is a layout of your logo placed on promotional material such as business cards, letterhead, swag (t-shirts, pens, water bottles, etc.) so that you can see how it fits on items and maybe choose if you want any of these.

This is the process we take as an agency and believe will create the best logo to fit your business.