5 Tips For Managing An Instagram Account

5 Tips For Managing An Instagram Account

Instagram can be a mystery for a multitude of reasons, specifically when it comes to managing a successful business account. The app sounds simple enough: share photos and videos with your followers. Get Likes. Get Comments. But of course, like all social media platforms, it’s not that simple. Let’s talk about managing an Instagram account.

Promotional Products and Why your Business Needs Them

There is a benefit to businesses in having their brand displaying in as many places as possible. This is why promotional products are important. This increases reach and can be a part of an effective advertising campaign. Getting your potential clients to use everyday items that holds your logo is a powerful means of installing

Web Design Explained – What Makes A Good Website!

In order to have a nice looking website, you (or your designer) have to consider a couple of different things when creating a design. The layout of your website is very important because it will dictate how the user flows through it and interacts with it. When we build websites here at Sofa Communications, we

What is Web Accessibility?

Website Accessibility is making sure that your website has the tools and pieces put in place so that it can be used properly by people with disabilities. This includes people with: Impaired Cognitive functions Physical disabilities Impaired Auditory functions Visual Impairment There are some common practices that we do as web developers, but you can

How To Make A Good Logo!

A well–designed logo will help your business thrive in a world full of designs. Your logo needs to stand out and be noticed. It needs to be simple yet elegant. It needs to be memorable and versatile. And most important of all, it needs to get the message across to your customer. It is very

How to up your social media game!

Social media is very important for your business. It is how we engage with our customer base. So it is crucial to be on different social media channels to be able to compete with your competitors (if you are a business) and get the attention you deserve. Now each social media channel is different and

Where to start with Search Engine Optimization

SEO tactics and practices will always need to adapt and change over time. Otherwise, we’d all be ranked number one and no one would ever jump ahead of us. But for those unsure where to start, here are some quick tips from the web-heads at Sofa. Words matter. Without sounding too technical, what we’re talking

Is Social Media Worth It?

Are you using social media for business? Better yet, are you using it effectively? If you are, skip this blog. if you are one of the businesses that either isn’t using it, or doesn’t truly understand HOW to use social media, we may have a few tips that can help you get an understanding of